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Consulting and Contractual R&D Services & Fees

Please be advised that, effective July 10, 2013, Vinny has almost entirely ceased accepting new clients for his consulting and contractual R&D services in the realms of mainstream science and engineering, alternative health, nutrition and also in the realms of strange science/fringe science and alchemy/ormus nutritionals, in order to devote more of his time to his spiritual work. While Vinny will continue to provide consulting and contractual R&D services to certain existing (and past) clients as deemed mutually appropriate, he will be accepting few, if any, new clients for his consulting and contractual R&D services from this point going forward.

Vinny has shifted his priorities, as described above, in order to devote more of his time to his spiritual work. This vinnypinto.us website will remain "on the air" (i.e., on the Internet) for ongoing reference purposes and as a service to current and past clients.

A Note to All Prospective Clients

Pre-qualification of Prospective Clients

Vinny insists upon communicating by email, or speaking with, any prospective new clients before we agree to work together, and before the client sends any funds for services, so that we may each assess whether a consulting relationship with him may be of benefit to them at this time. After this brief informal screening and application process, he will advise the client if he is willing and able to work with them on the desired project at this time, and if he is willing to accept them as a client, he will advise them of the maximum number of hours that he is willing to devote to the project, as well as any timelines or deadlines for receiving prepayment for fee before the acceptance/permission should expire.

For a number of reasons, up until late January 2010, Vinny found it necessary to accept only about 40% of the requests in the scientific and related realms which he received to perform consulting and/or contractual R&D work; the other 60% of solicitations were refused for any of a number of reasons, but the general underlying reason was almost always the fact that Vinny felt that a consulting relationship at that time for that client regarding their current project would not yield maximum value for them, or that it was a project which would feel onerous to him, or that it was a project that he felt was unrealistic or unreasonable in terms of expectations or goals. He asks you to please understand this caveat and to bear it in mind if and when you might approach him regarding consulting services.

And, please understand, as stated clearly above, that from January 31, 2010, onward, he is, and will be, accepting only about two percent of requests for such services -- including lectures, seminars and training -- in the realms of the sciences, forbidden science (aka fringe science or strange science), nutrition, enhanced well-being and alternative health, and at a significantly increased prepaid hourly rate over his earlier rate that was in effect until early 2010.

Terms and Rates for Consulting and Contractual R&D
Services in the Mainstream Sciences, Forbidden Science,
Alternative Health and Enhanced Well-Being Realms
Revision #: 3.22

The following consulting terms and rates apply for all clients in these categories with whom Vinny does not have a current active contractual relationship with a positive balance of prepaid funds on deposit with him. The rates listed below in this section apply to most of his services in the realms of the mainstream sciences, forbidden science, alternative health, alchemy and ormus nutritionals and enhanced well-being with a few potential exceptions that may be noted elsewhere on this page.

As always, any and all prospective new clients must be pre-approved, and must receive explicit permission from Vinny prior to sending funds. Please be advised that after pre-screening discussions were concluded, Vinny typically accepted only 40% of requests to perform consulting or contractual R&D services prior to January 31, 2010, and that he will be accepting and approving, at most, only two percent of requests for such consulting services from January 31, 2010 onward; please see his January 31, 2010, letter for further details.

Please note that all contractual R&D and consulting services are offered on a prepaid basis only.

The base prepaid hourly rate is $3,650 per hour for those (rare) applicants whose project/task has been accepted for Vinny's services. If you wish to apply for Vinny's private consulting services for a project/task, please be pre-warned that (as is also mentioned elsewhere on this page) since early 2013 he has been accepting 2% or less of applications for his work on new projects.

If you still wish to apply for his consulting services, then you must first send a non-refundable $500 application fee, which will not apply toward the hourly rate if you are accepted as a client.

Once you have paid this application fee, Vinny will spend up to five (5) minutes of his time reviewing your application email in which you politely, succinctly, concisely, and clearly describe the project for which you wish to retain his services, and he will then, within 5 business days of having received cleared funds for the application fee, notify you whether he will accept you as a client for said project, and will also state a maximum ceiling for his available time (which, in most cases, will be at least 4 to 8 hours of time across the next 6 months). In some cases, after having received cleared funds for the application fee, Vinny may also allow and suggest a quick courtesy phone call of up to five minutes in length with the prospective client to discuss the prospective project at hand.

Please do not send ANY prepaid fees until you have first received permission from Vinny to proceed with payment, as Vinny only accepts a very small percentage of prospective clients for consulting services. All prepaid fees may be used at any time for 4 years after date of receipt of cleared payment. There are no refunds or returns allowed on any prepaid fees, regardless of whether or not they are used in full.

If you are a new prospective client, or an old client approaching Vinny with an entirely new project, or an old client wishing to perhaps replenish prepaid funds on deposit with Vinny, please do not send any funds to Vinny until and unless you have reviewed the section above entitled A Note to All Prospective Clients and we have performed the requisite steps prior to proceeding. Thanks!

Prepaid consulting fees are not refundable or returnable, but be advised that prepaid time may be used over the ensuing four years from date of cleared payment. If you purchase and prepay a block time of one hour or longer, there is no need to use all the time in one block (i.e., in one phone call or one project). All prepaid time of one hour and up may be used incrementally over multiple calls and/or services spanning the next 4 years after receipt of cleared funds.

All fees may be prepaid using one of the payment methods listed on the Payments page. Once approved for consulting work with Vinny, you may prepay for anywhere from 1 hour to as many as 25 hours of his consulting time, up to the maximum "ceiling" for available time that Vinny will have mentioned in his acceptance letter.

Please realize that any travel, on-site consulting and/or training services attendant to any approved projects will of course require an additional prepaid fee (which will be quoted by Vinny as needed) on a per-day or per-trip basis.

In all cases, Vinny's work for pre-screened and pre-approved clients will only start once he has received cleared funds as prepayment for a pre-approved block of time.

REMINDER: If you are a new prospective client, or an old client approaching Vinny with an entirely new project, please do not send any funds until and unless you have reviewed the section above entitled A Note to All Prospective Clients and we have performed the requisite steps prior to proceeding. Thanks!

Payment for Contractual R&D or Consulting Services (only after having received acceptance/approval by Vinny) - please click here.

water buffalo pulling a cart at roadside on National Highway 45 in Southern India.

The photo above shows water buffalo pulling a cart at the side of National Highway 45 just southwest of Chennai, India. Vinny shot this photo in September 2005 while on a 3+ week consulting tour on behalf of several clients in southern India.

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